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Ketron Midjay Pro

Lettore MP3 Wawe midi Midjay Pro

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Display : Lcd color Tft 7”- Touch sensitive. 800 x 480 dots. Multimedia Player : Player 1- Player 2. Wav. Midi. Mp3. Mp4. Avi. Cdg. Jpg. Txt. Functions : Marker. Sync/Next. Autoplay. Lead Mute. GM part. Lyric Off. Cross fade. File Search. Play List. My Folder. Transposer. Time stretching. Metronome Click. Poliphony : 128 note. Multitimbral 32 parts. Dvi : Video Monitor. Karaoke Lyric / Mirror. Menu : Disk. Midi. Play Modes. Audio Edit. Language. Footswitch. Preferences. Controls. Video. Reg. set up. Media : Internal Storage: SSD Card 16G. External Storage: SD Card - Mmc, HD. USB: 3 Host + 1 device. PC connect. Disk Edit. Info. Refresh. Eject. Sound : 512 Voices with 4 Sound Banks. 47 Drum Sets, 248 Audio Drum Loops.Live Drum Modelling. Drum Remap. Preset Voices : 320 programmable Voices. 2nd Voice. Lead slider volume. Controls : Volume. Shift. Pan. Tune. Effects. Velocity switch. Portamento. Legato. Slide. Morphing. Harmony. Efx Insert. Arranger : Style section with Audio Drums, Midi Drums & Grooves. Arranger : Bass, 5 Chords, 2 Lowers. Styles slider volume controls and Balance. Drum Mixer & Remap. Drum filter. Auto fill. Fill to Arrange. 3 Orchestral Variations. Variation to Groove. 4 Arranger ABCD. 4 Fill. 4 Break. 3 Intro. 3 Ending. Restart. Pause. Count In. Reintro. Key Start. Key Stop. Split. User Styles. 4 Voice Set programmable. Voice to ABCD. Play Modes : Pianist. Bassist. Manual Bass. Bass to root. To lowest. Octave. Harmony. Registrations : 4 Bank x 999 Regs. Ram Sound : 64 MB Ram. Dsp : Chorus. Reverb. Flanger. Phaser. Tremolo. Rotary. Echo Delay. Tap Delay. Equalizer. Distorsion. Amp simulator. Compressor. Filter. 48 EFX Insert. 16 programmable Insert Chains. DJ : Double Audio and Midi player. Tempo & Pitch stretching. PFL. Sync. Tap tempo. Cue. Fx Pad. Backspin. Brake. Juke Box : Play List. My Folders. SFX Special Effects. Pic&Movie: Jpg&Mp4. Karaoke background. Movie to Rgb. Pic list. Autoshow. HD Record: 1 Stereo track recording. Micro 1 : XLR. Gain control.Volume. Reverb. Micro Edit. Talk. Micro 2 : Gain control. Micro / Guitar Input select. 32 programmable Guitar Effect set up. User slider. Voicetron : 3 Voice Vocalizer. Midi : In, Out, Thru. Out : Left/Right Stereo. Pedal volume. Micro Out. Input : Micro 1, Micro 2. Line In Stereo. Headphone. Optionals : Footswitch 6 or 13. Volume Pedal. Bag.

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